Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Baking and cobras

Summer is slowly but surely prepairing to leave us and migrate to sunnier seashores. Yet, it doesn't rain, there's a slight breeze and it still feels a bit summer.

I haven't done a lot today: spent a lot of time in training and I was kind of "advised" to leave the office earlier.
So I did: I walked to Piccadilly Circus, got on the tube and got back home.
There was not a lot of people around in Piccadilly and on the Tube the atmosphere was quite surreal. The quietness all around me was unnerving, and the silence, almost artificial, as if waiting for some sirens to break it, was making me feel more edgy.

A lot of friends texted me and mailed me today too: are you ok? are you safe? is your flat still up? what's going on? what's going to happen now? 
Answering has been perhaps the most tiring bit of the whole day: I have no idea of how to answer; how to tell people I'm ok but I got no clue of what's going on? And above all, how am I supposed to know what's going to happen?!?! 
I'm a tester, not a fortune teller! 

As we were listening to the news, I decided I needed some stress relief, so I quickly dropped at Tesco and got some ginger beer: sometimes I feel I bake better under the influence. 
I settled for one of my all-time favorite recipes, canestrelli:

Baking has a calming effects, and yes, maybe the ginger beer helped too, still at the end I've had a lovely night.
So far it seems it's going to be a quite night as well.
Friends came over for dinner and obviously the rioting was the centre of the conversation, at least at the beginning.
Iria and I showed off an impressive deep knowledge of current state of affair. Thanks to some basic googling, we found out that this "COBRA meeting" all the newspapers were talking about is not named so to add a menacing or authoritative tone to the event. Nope. Quite the contrary.
Isn't it a pity sometimes to find the true meaning of things?
Take this COBRA meeting for example: since hearing it for the first time, I quickly conjured up some sort of special force, I pictured David Cameron meeting with a bunch of ninja warriors or Chuck Norris, people that would never be refused to have the coffee taken to their tables in a bar.
Or some silly Disney inspired room, with a Sir Hiss talking to the Prime Minister. Alas, Cobra stands for Cabinet Office Briefing Room A. I guess they always meet up there for big crisis, I don't think it'd be the same if they had a "COBRB" or a "COBRZ" meeting.

We had some laughs looking at some photoshop renditions of looters.
Then the conversation switched to other topics, soon enough we finished the wine and Robert was serving ice-cream.
Everything flows, so let's hope the night will bring some tensions and bad feelings away.


  1. Mi piace molto le fotografie dei "looters"!!! In particolare, quello dell'uomo nella cappello della principessa brutta!

  2. La mia preferita per ora e' quella in cui la gente esce dal 1£ shop con dei cookies giganti! :-D

  3. Cuoci i biscotti questo grande?:):)

  4. cosi' grandi no, ma ci posso sempre provare! :-D