Wednesday, 10 August 2011

a small misconception

Lately I have been posting so little and so bad on Flickr, that if I get a comment on a picture I immediately suspect something is wrong with my page.

So when I saw the small alert that I got new activity on my photo stream, I was kind of expecting some weird comment. Well, it turns out I wasn't so much far from the truth.
There was a comment for this picture:

Guildford High Street

It's a photo of Guildford High Street, not even a particularly beautiful one. Yet somebody named "HD Marketing" took some time to comment it and ask me if I could send over a larger file version so that they could include it in a brochure they're making for promoting new apartments in Guildford.

So, where to start from?
Well, let's see... maybe I could start pointing out the fact that property development (and real estate in general) is a sector I feel strongly opinionated about: given the misery one has to go through when renting or buying a flat in this country, I don't see any point in making any of its representative a favour. 
They're rich enough to buy stock photos, that would definitely look better than mine on a brochure.
They would love to include my photo, but I'm not a charity.
If on one side I appreciate the fact they at least bothered asking, on the other side I'd have liked they sent me a private message to explain things a little better and maybe populated their flickr account profile page with some information.
In the past I agreed on website to use some of my photos, but they were not used for commercial purpose. 
I make no living out of my pictures, it's just an hobby I enjoy and I like to share with my friends and family, given that we live far apart. Still I think it's quite unnerving for commercial enterprises to think that just because the photo is on internet, you are just waiting for them to ask you a larger version of it.


  1. Great news about the photo. Maybe a new career beckons?

  2. HD Marketing deve pagarti molti $$$$$ per usare la tua fotografia!