Friday, 2 September 2011

Berlusconi and Ivonne

And we're back in the news.
We as "Italy", with yet another embarrassing news.
This morning the most viewed world news on the guardian was the one about Berlusconi and his vow to leave "shitty" Italy.

I'm not sure what's more shameful to me: the fact he said that or the way I found out about it?

No matter the fact it was a police transcription of a phone call and not an official statement, you'd like to think that after such a comment is made public, the news is on the front pages of Italian newspaper, big bold type and bright colour. 
You wish.
No, the way I found out was via a tweet by Spinoza, an Italian collective satirical blog. Later on I did find the news on other newspaper but nothing major.

So, I'm left to wonder: if this had happened in a different country, what the reaction of its people would have been? If David Cameron said something like that, what would have happened? What would people have told him?

Probably, just the same thing I feel saying to Berlusconi right now: "Fine, then go, don't waste any more time, leave and don't come back, chop chop!"
Okay, I would say it with much more swearing in between, but the notion is the same.

It's quite depressing to read about it and see how little emotion this is causing on the main Italian newspaper, as if we just got used to it: we're not surprised anymore, we know how it's like, he's going to say he didn't mean it (he doesn't mean 99% of the things he says apparently), etc. etc.

Still, this story managed to put a smile on my face. While I was reading the article, my eyes fell on the "most viewed" tab:

I'm not sure the reason why, but the association of the picture of grumpy Berlusconi in Parliament and the news that "Yvonne the cow has been found" was so weird that I dissolved into laughters.

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