Friday, 30 September 2011

Feels like home

breakfast and knitting

I took a day off from work.

The moving company was delivering all my boxes and I had to be home to sort everything out.
The movers arrived pretty early, around 8 in the morning: 5 minutes, a signature, 2 handshakes and they were gone.

This left me with 8 boxes to open and sort out.
I worked the all morning and I managed to clean up most of the mess I created by opening the boxes.
With me being so me, it's almost superflous to mention the fact that I lost some stuff, wait, no, I just temporarily misplaced them... I'm quite sure they will turn out. Sooner or later. Eventually. Quite probably after I had bought them new.

Ok, maybe I won't buy a new phrenology head: I remember packing it, remember taking it out of the box, no sure where I put it later on.
Around one I decided I needed a break and that I needed breakfast too!

The flat has a small balcony, which is perfect these days, as Indian summer decided to stay around for a while. I decided to have some coffee: I picked a new mug, a farewell present from my (knitting) friends, and the glasses before heading out. 
I sat at the small table, enjoying the sun and knitting a bit: I'm working on a lovely pair of socks that I hope to finish by the end of next week.
I placed the LP player in the living room, so I could hear the last Wilco's album playing.

When side A finished, I raised and stepped inside to change side. Having stayed out for some minutes, I could feel on the skin the temperature drop, something I haven't felt for a while.
I let Wilco play, I put the sunglasses back on and went outside again to enjoy the sun, finish my breakfast and knit a little bit more.
Maybe it's too early to say it but, at least in those minutes, it felt like home. I hope I'll keep feeling like that, I really want to feel grounded and rooted to a place for a while.

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  1. So pleased to hear it! Continue enjoying the drink and the knitting. I hope that 'it feels like home' more and more and more...