Friday, 23 September 2011

i wear jeans, stick-insects don't

I was walking down one of the central street of Amsterdam and I stopped in front of a shop. Looking at the display on the window, I immediately recalled an article I read about one month ago on boingboing. The title is explanatory enough in itself: "Gap's Death-Camp Chic mannequins".
Well it's not just Gap, obviously. 
All the big brands follow thin anorexic trend, so it was not a surprise to see the same type of pole wearing a pair of jeans today.
Still, why do men mannequins look more normal? Ok, a mannequin doesn't starve, but that's what it seems to be happening on the main shops windows across the continent.
The fact that only 0.5% of the girls and women I see around me has that type of body structure doesn't deter the big (and small) brands to promote a warped woman body image.

Oh, I know that it's not only that! I know way too well that the problems related to and caused by the distorted perception of one's own body image are far more complicated and tough to untangle than this.

Yet, standing straight in front of that windows, I couldn't help but think that my thighs look like giant baobab compared to those toothpicks and I felt slightly desperate thinking that no matter what I would never have such tiny legs.
Some people may joke and say you just need to be stronger, feel superior to this kind of peer pressure: I wish these people could that a walk in my shoes... but wearing a pair of those jeans on display.


  1. Don't let the culture get to you! You look beautiful!

  2. It is not just girls.
    I have quite weedy arms (Kate has considerably stronger arms than I) and I have lost a lot of muscle from my legs over the years but I find that I often cannot get my arms and legs into cloths especially in the 'fashion' shops. :(
    If I can get a size where my extremities fit then I end up with huge amounts of material flapping about my waist.
    The problem is that most people now live such sedentary lives that they have no muscle at all.

  3. I did some shopping on Saturday and I didn't even bother to try the jeans... just one look at them and I could tell they were made for people with non-existent calves!
    On the other hand I tried some blouses and it seems that in this country people have tiny tiny tiny shoulders, but 2 mt. long arms!