Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Indian summer

My first summer in UK was miserable.
If I close my eyes, I can still picture the water pouring down, the wind blowing and making me feel even colder. I remember drinking liters of tea, just for the sake of holding a scalding hot cup in my hands
And I can also see almost everybody trying to apologize for it, as if they were directly responsible for the weather. And then, as if there was no other way to end the sentence, everybody would tell me: "You just have wait for the Indian summer!"
"What the h**l is the Indian summer?", I thought back then, "I don't care what type of summer it is, as long as it fall within summer months!"

Still, I waited for the Indian summer.
And waited.
And waited.
Yawned a little, fixed myself an endless number of cups of tea and went back to waiting.
The Indian summer showed up eventually, about one year later.
By that time the term had become a known joke among my friends and colleagues, with Beth constantly and evilly reminding me about it.

To be honest, I never really checked or looked for the reason why it's called like that, until yesterday evening. I found out that the etymology of the term arrives from America and its Indians. In Italian we call it "St. Martin's summer".

Sunday evening I spent some time chatting with my parents, telling them about the sunny weekend I had just spent: it was sometime after nine and the window was still open. I don't think there were less than 20 degrees, and it really felt like summer.
The whole weekend did. And I spent it quite cheerfully.
Nothing big or glamorous, but it was very relaxing.

On Saturday I went for a walk.
In spite of having felt a bit depressed by looking at shops windows recently, I still managed to get some shopping done. I think it helped the fact I didn't start my shopping with clothes but vinyls!
I bought a live LP from Paolo Conte and "The Whole Love", the latest album by Wilco. Given that the turntable is still packed in a warehouse it might look a slightly hasty purchase, but I am quite sure I won' regret it. Feeling cheered up by that, I ventured into some clothes shopping without spending too much and without feeling like a huge whale among toothpicks! 

The evening went away quickly, I had dinner and some drinks with Kiran and Francesco, but we called it a night quite early as we knew that Sunday was going to be a nice day and we all wanted to spent the most time possible outside.

And we were right! Indian summer all the way! Went to Vondel Park, sat a little bit in the shadow, then spent some time in the sun.

Before I knew it, Sunday was over and maybe the Indian Summer as well, but I try to keep an optimistic outlook on the weeks to come.

Things are slowly moving and I'm setting in little by little: documents, bureaucracy, bank account, moving into the flat... yet, still no turntable to listen to Wilco! 
(OK, there is a CD with the vinyl, but it's not the same thing!)

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