Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Last days in London: weird and surreal

It feels weird, almost surreal.
I'm leaving London, the UK again!
It's kind of become an habit of mine. Nothing better to do? Feeling bored? Let's go to London, reassure myself I can't live there but only leave.

Well, yeah, that's what is happening right now, even though it's not going to be exactly the same experience as almost two years ago. I'm not going back to Italy, but moving to the Netherlands, I have no dreams to follow, but the need to find a better life pace and living environment.
Something in common between the 2 movings is the state of my bedroom: it looks as if Big Bang happened just in the middle of it.

When I resigned, I thought I had plenty of time, but then time decided to start running and slipped like sand through my hands.
And that's how I found myself, last Friday afternoon, to kick-start a long list of farewell drinks/lunch/dinners/meet-ups that will go on until next Friday.

It's a weird mix of feelings: sadness and happiness, trepidation, melancholy, curiosity...

First stop, just off work, I had some drinks with some colleagues: I walked the streets around the office so many times in the past few months, but never really stopped. But on Friday I had to take a picture to one of my favorite spots in Soho: just in front of the pub, in Ganton Street there is a huge green switch.

Turn the light on, Ganton Street

I just find it hilarious, but it's not the only colourful thing I spotted around:


Flirty isn't it? I passed in front of it on Monday morning and the eyelashes were gone... I guess she just dressed up for the night out and turned to a more sober working day attire after the party was over.

I kept bumping in other weird and funny things also in the following days.
On Sunday, after getting properly showered on the way back from the London Skyride, I went out for a Sunday roast with Enric, Robert and Irene. We got our table next to some bookshelves. I started looking at the titles, but the selection was not exactly something I'd describe as my favorite genres: journals of Christian studies, sermons and so on.
The last book I took off the shelf was this one:

A Dutch book!!!
I used Google Translate to check the meaning of the title and, while part of me finds it somehow, ehm, fitting, I do hope it's a mistake in the translation tool! 

Weirdness kept going strong on Monday.
On my last day at work, I decided to walk to the office. It's a really lovely walk: from where I live up to Vauxhall is a short walk and from there I just keep going along the Thames up to the Jubilee Bridge.

Halfway through the walk, I spotted this sign:

Love trees

"Love Trees"... what is it supposed to mean?
My friend Prisci has doubts too: is it a gentle request, "Love the trees", or an alert, "Watch out! Trees are loving each other here"?
Or maybe they are loving trees and I ran the risk of being swept into a hug by the branches of one of this "love trees"!


  1. Good luck for your new journey. I guess it might be a bitter sweet moment for you, after such a long time in the UK.

    Expecting new snapshots from the land of Rembrandt.

  2. Thanks! It is weird and, right now, a pure chaos, and in a way I can't wait for the moving to be over.
    Once in Holland, things will get better, it's the waiting that stresses me out the most!

  3. Virgi ... i'm not sure if you want to reconsider leaving as i've just heard any minute now we're going to have an Indian summer ;)
    Much love and luck and we'll see you sometime after March next year.
    ps - enjoy the tulips and clogs x

  4. Oh, not the Indian Summer again!!! :-D