Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A little letter to my friend(s)

My dear friends,

As you can imagine, the past weekend and yesterday have been quite hectic, tiring, interesting days...

Alas I got not enough time and web-connection time to write a mail to each one of you, so I hope a blog entry will do.

Well, after dragging my suitcase to Clapham Junction first and Gatwick later, I found out that there was no need to hurry, as the plane was late. The plane landed on the furthest runaway possible, so after another twenty minutes of touristic tour of Schipol airport, the delay added up to one hour and half.
I guess there is something wrong in the very same day I move, because each time weather is quite miserable or something else goes wrong, or both.
So, by the time I got to the Amsterdam Centraal, it was literally pouring down.

It didn't help that I took the wrong turn and ended up 3 canals further down from where my friend lives, so I had to accept once again I got no orientation skills whatsoever, turn around and add other 10-15 minutes to the journey.

Sunday flew away so quickly, I barely had time to register it.
I spent some time walking around, getting a ogv-chip card and thinking about how my life has changed in the past ten years. I went back to a younger version of myself, waiting for bus 62 and looking at the birthday card I just bought. I remember waiting to get my glasses at the optician desk, chatting with my mum, trying to make sense of what the television all around the shopping centre were broadcasting.
I thought I don't live in any safer or better world than the one I walked on back in 2001, even though I still wish it, if not for me, at least for my nieces' and nephew's sakes.

But life doesn't stop, time ticks by and yesterday I got on a train and went to the office.

My new office.
Starting a new job is something scary,exciting and funny at the same time. There are still so many stuff up in the air: no bank account, no national security number, no flat!!!

Yet, for my family, my first day at my new job, was not the most important event of the day.

My sister turned one year older yesterday. The two of us haven't always had the easiest time and our relationship have swayed from one side to the other of the emotional rainbow. Still, she is my little sister, the one that my mum let me cuddle when she was few weeks old, the one I thought how to write, the one I fought with over the ownership of books and joined forces for our collection of Smurfs (still going strong).

Happy Birthday, sis

Obviously her birthday is more important, not to mention the fact it falls just one day before her wedding anniversary, i.e. today!

Should I be happy about being at number two, right?!?

I wish! It was not only my sister: my niece helped her pushing me off the spotlight, so to speak.
Yesterday was Sara's first day at elementary school. Little tiny Sara started school!!!
Honestly, how can I compete? I feel a bit sad for "missing" this day. I know that if I had been living in Torino, I was probably not going to take her to school or anything like that, but it's one of the small events that look so huge to a child's eye.

I still celebrate though. After dinner, I had a shot (ok, two shots) with Fran and Mateusz. Today is another day, my sis will be probably celebrating again, but also getting ready for the next big event: taking Davide to his first day at nursery.
I got up, walked to the station, got on the train, knitted on the way to work and got ready for another day and for life going on "as usual", even though "as usual" is set now in a different country.


  1. You are still on my work communicator. It says you've been away for 8 days. I don't have the heart to delete you ... SIGH ... in other news we have all had desk moves. I can tell that this desk move will help us work better and be more motivated and wasn't a waste of time at all [note the sense of sarcasm]. You're back in October aren't you ... need to get VJ to sort out the bonfire night thing. Mail me with the date.

  2. I had no idea you'd left Nokia until I saw your LinkedIn update. And left the country too! My goodness, you don't mess around when you make a life change! We will miss you but will stay in touch with your blog. xx

  3. I felt "away" for a long time back in UK, so maybe part of me is trying to keep up this tradition on your communicator!

    Already told my manager I HAVE to go back to UK for a curry night at Vasi's, so tell Mr. VJ to start organizing!

    Oh, Liz, with all your travels and adventures in the U.S. some essential bits of information went missing!!!

  4. Virgi, spero che sarei felice nella prossima stagione della tua vita!

  5. Aw, bless you! Thanks for the update, I appreciate the link to this from Twitter!

    I'm glad to know you got to A. safely even though with delay and in bad weather. Sorry that your three canal detour added to the delay. But how fascinating that people do orient themselves via canals and not streets!

    Hope you get settled well and quickly in your new job and that you'll enjoy it. I am also very much looking forward to the breakfast in October. Look after yourself and enjoy!

  6. Oh thank you girls!
    I'm a bit nervous this day, sorting out the bureaucracy and settling in, but I am really looking forward to this new chapter...
    And this week I even managed to get from my friend's place to the central station without getting lost!