Thursday, 1 September 2011

unicorn and oyster

Yesterday afternoon I strolled down to Trafalgar Square, as I do every working day, to go and take the 87 back home.
It arrived almost immediately, it was half empty, I sat down and started reading.
Then, at the following stop, something unexpected happened.
Something that never happened to me in four years of life in UK.

A ticket inspector.
A ticket inspector got on board and, after a brief chat with the driver, started inspecting tickets. Well mainly Oyster cards, not many people left today with single tickets.
He used something like a scanner to check validity of the cards.

Ok, I am aware of the existence of ticket inspectors: they're briefly in the lyrics of "Job opportunities" by the Clash! Furthermore, in Turin they're fairly common, but in Turin we have no oyster and you don't show the ticket when boarding (thus the problem we have of too many people not buying the tickets). Here on the other hand you need to have the Oyster or pay the ticket to the driver

I'm just not sure whether they do write any ticket during one of this inspection, that's all. It's just felt weird seeing one yesterday in central London.
I showed him my oyster, he scanned it, thanked me and moved one, but I kept staring at him, just as if I had just saw an unicorn!

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