Wednesday, 12 October 2011

At the gym

Yesterday Hannah came back to my mind. 
Hannah works at the gym in Southwood: she's got a lovely smile and positive attitude.

So I wonder how she felt when she had to write the gym newsletter and include articles with interesting title such as: "The importance of showering after a work out", "Replacing your gym suit is important and not expensive" and many other concerning matters of personal hygiene.

Really! Sometimes people are either completely clueless or truly believe  they sweat Chanel #5!

I never had the courage to investigate with them about their motivations: is it to raise attention to the fact we're wasting water on this planet? A way to keep high their asocial level? They have some genetical condition that doesn't allow them to perceive any smell?

I don't know but I know that things haven't changed much in the new gym I've started going to.
So yesterday I thought about Hannah, while I watched this really good looking blonde girl come back in the changing room after a spinning class, sweating like mad: she quickly changed into a dress, put some deodorant, sprayed something on her hair and then, as a finishing touch, sprayed some perfume too...
Maybe she was afraid of shrinking and felting if she showered?!?!


  1. I know, Virgi, it's still bad at the Southwood gym. I hope you are enjoying your new life. miss you.

  2. :o@
    ho iniziato anche io a fare spinning. E a fine lezione sono sempre zuppa di sudore. La doccia è NECESSARIA! Anche solo una rapida sciacquata, ma ci vuole! E se in palestra faccio di corsa (anche per non creare troppa fila in bagno) poi, appena a casa, seconda doccia fatta bene con calma, quindi pigiama e relax! :) [dopotutto l'ora di lezione è 19:30-20:30, tra doccia e cambio non sono a casa che verso le 21, quindi il pigiama ci sta! ;) ]

  3. @Irma: io mi accontenterei corressero brevemente sotto la doccia e via! Invece noto che è una cosa piuttosto rara... yeak!

    @Liz: oh, miss you too, I miss bodybalance classes in Southwood a lot!