Thursday, 27 October 2011

Leaving for the weekend

The bag is packed.
Plane ticket, passport and the tickets for Wilco's concert are in the backpack. I checked. About 10 times, as usual.

Tomorrow I'm going to the airport and leave for the weekend.
Back in London for 3 days.

London is a place that causes me contrasting feelings.
I felt I couldn't breath anymore while I was there, I needed it out.
Yet I miss it. Again. Part of me is still linked to the place and, despite knowing very well that I won't ever be able to settle down there, I miss it.
And I know that this link will never break: 
I miss the people and the memory (happy and sad ones in the same measure).
It's one of the downside of having lived in several places: time and distances make the memories grow fonder and one start remembering more and more the positive sides, while starting forgetting the reason for leaving the place.
I still remember clearly the reason why I wanted to leave Beijing, but I still miss those moment of blissful peace spent cycling under the first December snow or wandering through the Yuang Ming Yuan stone maze.
I know why I left London, but I miss walking along the Thames or walking from South Kensington tube station to Royal Albert Hall.

Flavia, a new colleague of mine, told me that I got a slight British way of speaking English and it made me feel well, because I think that through the language, the British English words I keep using instead of the American ones, I can keep that link to the town alive.

So yes, everything is ready, I set 3 extra alarm clocks (so bloody typical of me not to hear the alarm on important days) and I'm ready.
Leaving for the weekend, living for the weekend...

by night


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