Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Some weeks ago I noticed that hey!, I did not need to go to London to see Wilco play, as they were bound to Holland for 2 gigs.
Utrecht was sold out but there were still tickets available for Tilburg.
Where the hell is Tilburg? Holland, obviously.
Mmmh, can I get there by train? Yes, I can.
So let's buy a ticket for Tilburg then... and go to London anyway.
Time flied (as I was having fun) and Monday arrived.
So, on Monday morning I did 2 things: print the concert ticket and check where Tilburg is on Google Maps.

First of all, Dutch drink their share of beer at the concert but mostly before the concert begins or in the break after the opening act. I was very happy to see it, made me enjoy the beer I had at the end of the concert even more.
Then I came to the conclusion that, in order to work as a roadie for Wilco, you need to live in a permanent Movember.

The 013 Popcentrum is smaller than the Roundhouse, but I think it's not just because of the size of the place that the concert felt more intimate, yet more energetic. 
Jeff Tweedy talked and joked around a little bit more than he did in London.

"Ahi ahi ahi!"
"I couldn't have said it better myself... It's Dutch, isn't it?"
And after a while: "It does sound a lot like Spanish!"

At the end they played about 25 songs, including "California Stars", just what I wanted to listen in that right moment. 
I got a hell of a good time and now I don't even have to check Google Maps... I know where Bruxelles is, just need to wait for March.
Until then:

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