Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Comme un roman

Kindred spirits...
You wander in wonder and suddenly here it is, one of these kindred spirits. Staring at you, smiling benevolent.
You feel at peace, but also so relieved and hilariously happy. 
You exist! Thus I am not alone!

Kindred spirits can come in many shape and size, I don't even think you need to meet them face to face. They can be as big and furry as Totoro, or as small and cute as Mrs. Petter Pot.

You may have known them for quite a while and never recognized them as nothing else than acquaintances or colleagues...
You may have known them through their words on a blog, but never spent too much time wondering about it.

Then, in one single day, things fall into place.
At lunch time Cesar's eyes lit up at the mention of Wilco's gig in Tilburg.

"Did they play Impossible Germany?"
They did, Cesar, they did.
"I discovered them only one month ago. They're great"
When you're ready to reply to the usual "Wil-who question?", the less expected person makes your day better and the music sounds even better and louder.

And scanning through the feeds of the blogs you follow, you find a post in English, on Lolly's blog, about Pennac.
You've given up any hope of any English speaker to know what you're talking about Mr. Malaussène & Co., here's a whole entry talking about one of his book.

Everything falls into the right place, just like in a nice book.
Comme un roman.

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