Friday, 25 November 2011

Davide and the hyaenowhat

Yesterday evening I skyped my mum back home.
It's really heart-warming to think about how my mum, a person so unconnected from technology, picked some basic things up quite quickly, just to make sure to keep in touch with me.
I like the moment the webcam starts and focus on my sister old bedroom: I recognize the bookshelves on one side, the paintings and pictures hanging on the wall, I can see part of the entrance hall in the dark.

Yesterday there was a small surprise waiting for me in front of the webcam: my nephew Davide. He's 3, very cute, has a slight soft "r" when he talks and, until few weeks ago, an insane fixation on Pixar's Cars.
Now it seems he's gotten over, but only because the cars have been replaced by another object of manic curiosity: reptiles and prehistoric animals.
Sitting in front of my dad's laptop he looked worried: "Non trovo più lo ienodonte! Dov'è? Tu l'hai visto?"
I can't find the hyaenodon anymore? Where is it? Have you seen it?"

And he was off, looking for that hyaeno-thingy. Not sure where it is. I've seen it on wikipedia though and I presume it might be in some museum, extinct and pretty much skeletal. 
I think I need to brush the dust off that "Jurassic Park" DVD and learn some random dinosaurs names by Christmas...


  1. Sono molto orgogliosa! Ho capito tutto che Davide ha detto, senza cercare nel dizionario! Forse ho bisogno di un amico chi ha 3 anni, per praticare il mio italiano...

  2. i bambini sono i più difficili da capire, quindi direi che sei sulla strada giusta!