Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It's not what it looks like...

It was a quiet and cloudy London afternoon. I'm at Sainsbury's, in Vauxhall.
The girl at the check-out is looking me as if I grew a second head overnight, which might well be true, as I haven't been to the hairdresser for about 2 months now and my hair are becoming more and more a messy and anarchic mop.
Still, she doesn't seem troubled by my haircut. The groceries on the belt, on the other hand...

I can explain this...

I still have the grace to turn slightly red and manage to mumble a pathetic: "It's not for me, it's for a friend!"
"Right", unconvinced, she keeps scanning item over item.

But I swear, I am telling the truth! Well, almost. I am not lying when I say I am buying all this Marmite stuff for a friend, I am simply not disclosing some bits of information I deem unimportant.

I'm not sure how and when it happened, but life's like that: big changes happens slowly and most of the time you don't recognize them, until they've become a fixture of your everyday life.
So let me make it clear: I still hate Marmite. I still HATE it. I always did, always will.

Yet I've grown fonder towards Marmite-flavored snacks. Like the rice crackers, the cereal bars, the cashew nuts... They exert a twisted appeal to my taste buds. I was in denial for a while, but time to come out of the closet: I like the Marmite Bars!


  1. Non posso comprare questo prodotto qui negli Stati Uniti...almeno, non lo ho vista mai. Che cos'e' "Marmite"?

  2. Mmmh, I bet Liz can bring you some Marmite next time she visits, if you really really really feel brave and crazy enough! :-D

    It's a kind of spread you eat on buttered bread. It's made from yeast extract, basically the left over of beer brewing.

    It's a dark and sticky, over-salty and savoury thing, you either "love it or hate it", as the Marmite slogan states way too well.