Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Marmite jam

I'm more and more convinced that Marmite has started to follow me everywhere recently. 
The notion makes me smile, even though I'm a bit worried, as the idea of that slimy, smelly spread sneaking at my back just makes me think about "The Blob". 
Talking about the Blob, I went to read the Wikipedia entry and gosh & blimey! 33.5 years on this planet and I never realised that Steve McQueen was in it!

Anyway, when I saw the word "Marmite" trending on Twitter this morning, I thought it was because of the strikes announced by its workers against the pension plan.But no, a quick look at some news websites and the truth was out:

There was a big jam on M1 and it was caused by a Marmite lorry colliding with a caravan.
The police had to close a section of the road to clean it of the content that fell off the truck.

I think they should have rather spread the Marmite evenly and directly repave M1. Marmite is cheaper than tarmac. And thicker. And smell as awful as hot tarmac, if not worse.


  1. Spero che posso vivere tutta la mia vita senza mangiare (o sentire l'odore!) di questo prodotto!:):)