Friday, 18 November 2011


Troubled times, the ones we're living in. Not only the economic crisis threatens economy and government all around the globe.

Much more serious things are happening though.
"Masterchef: The Professionals" is back. Well, this in itself is good, because I have a serious yet insane fascination with Masterchef. I hate the fact that I love it, but I love it anyway.
I like the professional version of Masterchef better than the other ones. Not only because I like Michel Roux jr. , but above everything because of Monica Galetti, Roux's sous-chef.
Ah, Monica!
Every time I speak of or think about Monica Galetti, Elvis Costello starts singing "She" in my head and trust me, no matter how often he does it, it still pretty scary to find him in my head singing.

Anyway, I'm in love with Monica. And the way she raises her eyebrows and stares at the contestants, making them squirm and almost reducing them to tears.

Monica is the only reason I can bear all those "I want this more than anything else in the world!" and "Masterchef means the world to me" or "Masterchef has become my whole life".
With her I can also avoid hysteric fits when Greg's big face pops into the screen... "cooking doesn't get tougher than this!"

Yet, something is off this year. Something is making it hard for me to watch the show, it makes it feel less smooth.
Yesterday evening I had an epiphany... the voice-over! What happened??? Where is my voice-over?!?! It was a woman's voice and now it's a man lending his vocal chords to describe the plates cooked and the mess made by the next-michelin-star wannabes.
It doesn't work for me. It makes me remember the deep baritone voice that read the script over the movie in Poland (I'm not sure it can be called "dubbing").
It's just not right and I miss her, I want her back! 

On the other hand, no, I got nothing better to do than watching "Masterchef", because I'm very lazy, can't be bothered to go out during the week (knitting meet up excluded) and because the fog has seemingly sucked out not only the surrounding landscape but also my energies.

I guess all this small little things, combined by how my mum teased me about going to the movies, drove me to the edge.
I don't know why, but after telling her I went to the movie, she felt she had to check online what was on at the Pathè in Haarlem. She barely knows how to write me an email, yet she went and google for the cinema in Holland and check on its Dutch website for the weekly program.

She made fun of it with me last time we video chatted.
So, yep, it's all mummy dearest fault. 
How else can I explain the worse, most terrifying, scared-for-this-life-and-the-next-reincarnation nightmare I ever had???

The kitchen light is on.
I've just finished a sudoku and feel quite smug about it.
Sara is sitting next to me at the kitchen table, drawing something that resembles an elephant, or a air-balloon, not really sure about that.
She put the caps back on the marker, turns around and stares at me with those big eyes of hers. The look of those eyes would make anybody do anything she commands, she knows that and she knows that her aunt Virgi doesn't stand a chance against it.
She looks at me, tilts her head on one side, smiles and finally drops the question: "Zia Virgi, mi porti a vedere la maratona di Twilight al cinema?"

"Aunt Virgi, can you take me to see the Twilight marathon at the cinema?"
I woke up with this sentence in my head way too early this morning and was too afraid to go back to sleep afterwards...


  1. Monica Galetti - she's samoan isn't she - yeah i get that - i love a beautiful women who can reduce a man to tears over the state of his omlette.

    I won't let Zain watch twilight [because i think it's appaulingly badly writen / scripted] ... instead we've recently watched GREMLINS! Yes yes i know it wasn't championed for its high brow script and deep meaningful prose but who doesn't like a cute teddy bear huh .. even an evil cute teddy alien thing. Works for me each time.

  2. Gremlins are cool!
    Beetlejuice is great.
    Sparkling vampires on the other hand... no. Thanks you but no.