Monday, 19 December 2011

OK, Muppets, Go!

Christmas is no Christmas without "The Muppet Christmas".
Alongside "Mary Poppins", "Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory" and "Dumbo", it's a must see of my Christmas holiday since I was a kid. And growing up didn't change much as long as the TV schedule is concerned.

And also the scene my dad and I normally put in place and act out for our own sakes. My mum would probably live well enough even without it, so she just rolls her eys and let us be. And let's be honest: we let her have her small idiosyncrasies without complaining too much. Ok, mainly we don't really let her, she just have them and we shut up because we're scared, but let's not digress.

So here's what happens...
Kitchen, boxing day morning. Mum is in the kitchen, complaining that Christmas is a awful time of the year because there's too much work to do and people end up eating and drinking too much. While finishing the morning rant, she puts a pan of lasagne big enough to feed a small African country into the oven and a bottle of prosecco into the fridge, to keep the spumante company, I presume.

Dad is reading la busiarda, the liar, as people in Torino calls the local newspaper. He's reading it thoroughly, ads included and you can be sure he'll remember something he read in few days time, when he'll stun the whole family into silence with a random comment on the price fluctuation of courgettes in the supermarket around our area.

I'm still in my pyjamas and with no intention of getting dressed any time soon. I'm browsing the TV program guide, hoping that "The Smurfs and the Magic Flute" will reappear in the TV listing... It used to be yet another Christmas classic of my childhood, and when it disappeared from TV listings, it felt like Christams lost its magic, a bit like when you discover Santa doesn't exist, only more devastating.

Sadly the Smurfs are not making any return, but hey! Look at this! "The Muppets Christmas" is on!!! It's on right now!!!
Happy dance and goofy smiles, let's watch it!

The "grumposaurus" I love to call daddy mutter something along the line of "What?!? Why do you want to watch it again? You've seen it last year as well!!! It didn't change, you know? Why? Oh god, no! I can believe you're actually thinking of watching it, let alone doing it for real! No, I'm not telling you where the remote is..."

I normally tune him out at the first exclamation mark and by the time his rant have become a indistinguishable gibberish I have: 1. found the remote and 2. tune to the movie that is, oh what a delightful coincidence!, just about to start.

You could expect him to move to another room, go off to read, or play with the computer or listening to some music.
But no, at the end of the movie, he's still there, watching it with me.

I'm looking forward for my Muppets moment with my dad, it's one of those small thing that just makes me feel happy and loved.

And thinking about the Muppets ended up with me browsing YouTube, where I found out something that makes me feel like smiling, OK GO and Muppets together!

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  1. Love the Muppets! Love Christmas! Love your grumpy father!