Monday, 26 December 2011


Christmas has come and gone.
I worked the whole past week, then office closed down at 3 in the afternoon on Friday, leaving me with plenty of time to head for the airport and meet with Kiran.
We had some spare time to have a coffee, chat and wander around the duty free area before getting on the plane back home.
Yeah, Haarlem is the place I live, but I can't really call it home. Netherlands doesn't inspire me the same strenght of feelings UK did: everything I feel for my life there is pretty flat, just like the land.
But from the moment I stepped on the plane, I forget about it. For the first time in about 17 years I flew on an Alitalia plane: asking for a glass of sparkling water to the hostess (flight attendant, pardon my political uncorrectness) in Italian felt strange and foreign to my ears.

Waiting for me at home, there was my life as I used to know it.
My family, my old bedroom, my friends, my neighbourhood...
I spent the whole Christmas weekend at home, with my family.
I took some photos, mainly of my nieces and nephew.
I taught Sara how to knit and did some knitting of my own.
Davide taught me how to tell a whale shark from a tiger shark, "it's important, because if you meet them face to face, you know how much to be scared and how likely you'll be eaten, aunt!"
Thanks, my lovely Dave, it's good to know you care for your old aunt.
I marvelled at how small Ilaria still is and how she's got the same mowhak hairstyle Davide used to sport when he was smaller.

I watched some TV with my parents, classics such as "Spaceballs", "Murder she wrote" and "Polar Express". I taught my mum how to play Orba on my iPad: I created a monster, right now she's playing on classic mode, vowing to smash all my records before I leave. And I'm know she can, just as much as I know Sara will smash my record on Angry Birds: my niece has been quite outspoken in declaring she will beat me at that and bowling.

I quickly set into a lazy pace of life, enjoying small things, like having coffee with my dad, or listening to him ranting against TV news.
From many point of view, my family is not a traditional one and we don't spend Christmas in a traditional way, yet I wouldn't have it any other way.

However from tomorrow on, I will have to start a different part of my holidays: time to go out, meet people, get a nice haircut, take my niece to the museum, have a proper real hot chocolate, enjoy Torino.
For these last hours of Boxing Day, I will perhaps briefly wonder about (the masochism of) those photos I saw of people at the opening of sales in London, lazily think of doing something but postponing it to another day and slowly, very slowly resurface to real life.

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