Saturday, 3 December 2011

today wake up song...

In less than a month I'll be home.
I still can't call this place home, I still feel an alien in it.
In less than a month it'll be Christmas.
I'm not going to put any decoration in my flat, but this doesn't mean I don't feel the Christmas mood slowly but surely taking residency in my heart.
I didn't feel a lot about Christmas for many years but, since Sara's first Christmas, that lovely mood of my childhood memories has come back full force.
My friend Liz has been told by her son to "turn off her Christmas music"... how? why? No, no, no. Christmas is not Christmas without Christmas songs. 
It's Christmas time and this can mean one thing and one thing only:

I just love this song! It makes me feel happy, even though it's quite sad.
Yet, I struggle with the '80s hair(lack-of)style!

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  1. I'm sure you'll get the Christmas spirit soon! I have my Christmas music on now. x