Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Gym and fotoshop

This afternoon I hit the gym after work.
And the gym hit me back.

Anyway, I really needed the workout: my knee is aching again, getting back into work routine is proving tougher and tougher and well, let's face it: 2 weeks in Torino, with my mum's cooking and the availability of nice restaurants and "piole" increased my derriere size, so that the above mentioned derriere is so big it looks like it might be able to sit in 2 different time zones.
One of the thing a new year brings with itself is the increase of gym subscriptions: people start with a lot of good resolutions and round belly, hit the gym for some weeks and later on forgets about it.

I personally use the gym as a stress relief, but I doubt it will have big impact on my body shape and size: I'd need a personal trainer, a faster metabolism and a miracle for that. Still part of my irrational self still hopes to go to the gym, get in with my body, run and do some weight and leave with the body of Tyra Banks.

Today I stumbled on a possible solution for this problem.
Fotoshop by Adobé is a video made by Jesse Rosten and it's available on Vimeo.

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