Tuesday, 31 January 2012

licence to golf

It's true.
You never ends learning.
And when you think nothing can surprise you any more, here come the Dutch.
And golf.

Golf! In Italy it was considered an elite sport when I was a kid and not a lot changed since then, even though it became more accessible than it was in the past (but certainly not at the same level of accessibility of UK).
As a kid, golf was double faced to me: on one side there was this notion of a high society sport and on the other hand there was Lotti.
Who's Lotti? That's him:

Lotti is the main character of a cartoon, a Japanese anime to be precise, I used to watch as a kid, "Tutti in campo con Lotti". It tells the story about a poor boy, who helps his widowed mother to balance the finance by working as a delivery boy and one day, during one of his delivery, he finds out that he's extremely gifted and with the help of a professional golfer goes on and on to win some important tournament.

That's basically sums up what I know about golf; or rather, what I knew about it, till today lunchtime.

Because today I've been told that this country I happen to live is a country where people need to have a license to play golf. Let me repeat that: you need a license to play golf! 
According to the net, the license was introduced to avoid dangerous or undesirable situation happening when you got people of different skills and level playing on a public course together. 
There's apparently more than one type of license and it depends on your golf club to decide which level you need in order to play on its course.

So let me get this straight. In this country to hit a ball with a club in order to have it land it some where next to a hole in a secluded private area you need a license. If you don't have it, you are refused access to the green.
But if you want to cycle recklessly while carrying an umbrella in one hand and an Albert Heijn shopping bag in the other, and talking at the phone, held between your shoulder and ear, then you don't need a licence.
And you don't even need to pay that much attention to road rules, traffic lights and pedestrians, apparently. No, I really don't get it...

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