Sunday, 5 February 2012

A slow Sunday

After snowy Friday and icy Saturday, it was just about right for slow Sunday to arrive and slowly go by.
Mind you, I'm not talking about lazy Sunday, that's a different kind of Sunday.
Today everything was slow. Time flew by slowly, I did things slowly, my brain worked very slowly and that was a very good thing.

Recently my brain has been in a overdrive spinning mode. Too much thinking is bad and, as my granddad once told me, gives you wrinkles on the forehead.

January has always been a very heavy month for me: cold, gloomy, with the memory of holidays too close behind and the prospect of future ones still too far ahead.
Settling in Holland is proving more 
difficult than I could expect it, mainly because I'm not really living in Amsterdam, and there is a big difference between Amsterdam and the rest of the country (going around Haarlem proved me wrong on the prejudice every single Dutch is fluent in English, yet I'm not sure what I will get by the Dutch classes I will soon start).

I feel like I'm wasting away: time, energy, relationships... I can't even think about organizing holidays as I am far away from everybody and my holidays consist in flying back home, never long enough to meet everybody I'd like to (and feeling guilty for it).

So slow Sunday couldn't have come in any better time than now. 
I slowly made my way out of the bed, fixed myself a coffee and then a teapot of licorice tea.
I knitted, read e-mails, wrote letters, ironed (!!!, no kidding, I really did iron. Will the wonder ever cease?!?!?) and then baked my time to the beginning of the 6 Nations match.
I found some fresh yeast at Deka last weekend, I couldn't believe it! I bought 2 cubes and gave one to Sevan. My hand is ok now, the skin is just slightly pinker than normal, so I thought it would have been nice to bake something to bring to work tomorrow. 
I tried one of the recipes in the "Nordic Bakery Cookbook", because yeah, I miss the place dearly, the best cinnamon buns ever and those big huge windows over Golden Square, and the coffee! They do make a very good latte and I think I'm digressing, am I not?
Anyway, I went for the soft cinnamon buns recipe, because when I looked at the picture, I immediately had a flashback memory of eating some I had bought in the Croydon Ikea for breakfast of another slow Sunday back in the UK.

soft cinnamon buns

The house smells of cinnamon right now, the teapot has been filled again and I hope the brain will keep this slow, relaxed pace in the coming days.

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