Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Back in London

I'm back in the U.K. once more, this time for a week, and won't be back in the Netherlands until Sunday evening.

It feels I haven't been home for ages, wherever home may be. According to Marvin, it's where I lay my hat and, given I have plenty of hats, it might take me a while to solve the dilemma

It's surprising, and perhaps slightly worrying, how quickly I set back into he London pace. It feels as if I never really left.

As I was strolling down to the Southbank yesterday I was amazed at the feeling of not feeling as an "alien" to this place. I haven't complained about "bloody tourists" yet, but I got till Sunday to reach at level!

Despite the fact nothing really changed, I could see some changes around.

Mind you, granny are still walking faster here than I do, people are always in an hurry, but some things are different. Maybe the Olympics will really do something for this place (huge economics losses aside, obviously)!

For example, it seems that the tube is slightly cleaner than what I remember... Or maybe it's just the distance that made me look at it with kinder eyes, or I just have to wait for the Friday night heavy boozers to rethink the notion!

Anyway, for the time being I'll enjoy things as they are and maybe spot some other of the eggs involved in the big egg hunt. Not sure whether the adjective refers to the dimension of the hunt or of the eggs themselves!


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