Thursday, 1 March 2012

Unravelling the weekend

My mum finds it funny and wastes no opportunity to tell me so: "How come you left England, and now it seems you're always there?"
If you keep in mind that I just spent a long weekend in England and on Monday evening I'll be back in London, you mind want to join her in laughing at me!

Anyway it's not that I planned that way, it just happened. I had in mind to go back to England at the end of February for quite some time, as it's the weekend of Unravel at Farnham.
Last year I enjoyed Unravel a lot and thought it'd be nice to go back once more. I like Farnham and the Maltings, and I think I needed no extra excuse to book some days off, a plane ticket and pack my suitcase.

I spent my whole short holiday outside of London, mainly Hampshire and a little bit of Surrey too.
I went back to Guildford, that looks pretty much the same, even though some parts changed a lot: nice shops, slow life pace, odd mixture of broke uni students and posh Tory housewives.

I went back to Farnborough as well, to the new pub opened next to Sainsbury's... I can't say they haven't tried to improve it, but the town still looks and feels so awkward and dull. Still, it was the right location to meet some old colleagues over a pint (ok, two pints).

Saturday was basically spent in Farnham for Unravel and catching up with May.
How much do I love Unravel? A lot. I had a lot of fun last year and this year was pretty much the same. The fact we chose to go on Saturday, rather than Sunday helped too as it was less crowded.
Farnham is not-so-subtly yarn bombed. You can find knitted and crafty decoration basically everywhere.

float on

I like the cheerfulness and quirkiness of the whole event, the smiles, the helpfulness of people at the stands, the laughters! I enjoy looking around me at all the different things going on: the doubts on people faces when looking at yarn, should I buy it or should I not?, the boredom of husbands and boyfriends dragged to the Maltings, the man sleeping at one of the stall.
I like the atmosphere, that weird combination of small little things that fell into the right place: spending time with some good friends, introducing them to one another, enjoying a fresh ginger beer.

Before I had time to come to term with it, it was time to leave and go back to Holland.
And now I got very little time left to think about what to put in the suitcase for the next weekend and week away.
Being away from Holland did me good. It was funny and calming, I got back to the office on Tuesday and everybody told me I look so much better and refreshed.
Now, this is what makes me laugh, much more than the fact I have been going back to England more times than I have gone to Italy right now.
While living in England, I always had the notion that I couldn't bear the stress of living there, yet going back there reduced by stress level. Fact is that England, London had partially worked as scapegoats for me. It wouldn't be fair to say it's all their fault I was not feeling well when I was living there.
I've always been a nervous person and anxiety runs happily in my blood. The situation got worse because of my living there, but the problems were there already and I haven't solved them yet.
They are still here with me, but I chose to forget about them for four days.
Sometimes it happens that things get easy to look at and to think about, if you let them be and just go with the flow. It's not an hard thing to do, after all.

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