Thursday, 19 April 2012

aRissocats Cribs

As I told some times already, my family, like any other family, is quite unique.
So I was not that surprised that the main news in my conversation over Skype with my mum for some time was one and just one: Sara is getting a doll house for her Hello Kitty puppet.

Fine, interesting, how about the rest of the family?
It might seem odd, but wait. The fact is that my mum didn't buy her first grandchildren a dollhouse. No, no: she built it and, being the creator of the Cometa Dancing, you can expect big things from her.

And big things she delivered. When I got home and took a look at the dollhouse, it felt like stepping into an episode of "Property Ladder" or "A place in the sun".
We are talking about this:  (silly chill-out music starts)

It's a modern house with internal lift connecting its 3 levels.
On the ground floor we have a modern kitchen and living room with a fireplace and big bright glass door letting in ample amounts of lights.

The living room warm wood floor is enhanced by a carpet with the same warm nuances.

If you follow me upstairs, we can take a look at the bedroom with separate wardrobe room and en-suite bathroom:

On the third and last floor there is a library studio area with a piano, a sofa, some bookshelves and yes, a shower. as you can see in the background.

On the bookshelves you can find music sheets to play on the piano, some classic literary masterpieces such as "Scary fair tales" and "Silly witches".
There is an "Harry Potter" collection with books from number 1 to number 8... no point in arguing with the architect/interior designer/civil engineer/builder: she said it's her house, and if she fancied 100 Harry Potter novels she very well put it and let's see who wants to argue about it.

The shower is as functional as only a shower made with electric tape, kitchen foil and a bottle of fresh milk can be:

The owner and commissioner, my niece Sara, decided that each room should have a unique, distinctive floor and she had clear ideas about it, so she told my mum what she wanted and voilà! Here you can see them all:

And that's all for this episode of the ArissoCats Cribs... come back soon to view the further expansions of the house!

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