Wednesday, 11 April 2012

like aunt, like niece

When it comes to talk about my friend, I got an habit that drives Francesco crazy. I call them by name, no matter  whether Francesco (or any other person I'm speaking to) has ever met my friend or not.
You see, I just did it, didn't I? Who is Francesco?
Well, Francesco is this friend of mine that gets crazy when I talk to him about friends of mine he doesn't know and I refer to them by names, instead of a generic "a friend of mine". Francesco always complains about it:
"Who is Beth? Do I know her?"
"Well no I don't think you do; Beth is a friend of mine, she lives in Aldershot with her husband and her son, she used to work with me back in Nokia, actually I first met her when..."
"Then, if I don't know her, why on earth are you talking about her as if she's been a friend of mine since nursery school?!?!"
"Oh well, I..."

This dialogue happened so many times I lost count and still I haven't changed one bit under this aspect.
It's just that "a friend of mine" or "a person I used to know" don't really sound nice to me and their Italian counterparts are no better.
It gets a bit annoying sometimes, especially with people with a fairly popular name: "Francesco once told me... No, not Francesco my brother-in-law, also cause he goes by the name of Ciccio anyway. Not even Francesco the acrobatic gymnast that used to work with me in Motorola, later moved to Manchester and always complains about me using my friends' names instead of "a friend of mine" when we talk about other people. No, I mean Francesco, the guy from Genova that likes taking pictures and the Amsterdam Open Library..."

So I can understand why Francesco (the acrobatic gymnast that used to work with me in Motorola, etc. etc.) gets annoyed with me, but I can't help myself. This patter is so deeply rooted in my speaking habit that I can't really get rid of it. Even when I tried it in the past, and I did try, it just left me feeling awkward and made me stutter till the end of the sentence. 

Last Friday I took Sara (my eldest niece, she's almost 7 and has lost 6 teeth so far, but the tooth fairy is quite stingy at her place,so she likes the the one at her grandparents best as she leaves better tips) to the museum of Cinema and while we were on the tram she asked me if I knew what she was going to be when she grew up.

"Aunt, do you know what my job will be like when I'm old like you are? I don't know..."
"Well, honey, after carefully not paying attention to you referring to me as old, the question is: what would you like to be?"
"Mmmmh, a painter! And if I'm not a painter, then I'm going to open a restaurant with Jessica!"
"Who's Jessica?"
Sara looked something between shocked and outraged by now: "She's a friend of mine, she comes to school with me and she wants to open a restaurant when she grows up. Don't you know her?"
"No, I don't".

I'm still smiling when I think about it. Like aunt, like niece.

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