Friday, 13 April 2012

shaken, not stirred...

Or maybe it'd be wiser "not shaken, not stirred", Mr Bond.
Because if it's true that Martini Dry is going to be ditched in favor of a (crappy) beer, then I'd put extra attention at opening that can, Mr. Bond.

Now, I'm not even go and moan about "good ol' times" and complain about how product placement is ruining cinema.
If anything, the James Bond bandwagon is the poster image of "product placement 101 through the ages".

What I can't really get over is... you're James Bond, right? You're supposed to be this super cool hero, with an amazing skill to get an optimal work-life balance with your save the world and shag the blonde lifestyle.
You drive an Aston Martin (ok, you also went for a BMW, hopefully my dad will one day find in his heart the willingness to forgive you).

And what do you drink? Heineken?!?! Have you spare any thought about your employer, aka Her Majesty?
What would Liz say if she knew you're ditching the gin for Heineken???  Want some bitterballen to go with it?
I don't object you drinking beer, but among all the different beers this world has to offer, you go for the crappy one???


1 comment:

  1. haha!
    Ma almeno una Guiness, per favore! :)

    Guarda, quando vorremo veramente capire cosa fa la Heineken, dovremo leggerci questo libro: De Zaak Kooistra.

    Spiega come tutta la Horeca Olandese sia in mano a loro, come i commercianti devono pagare per restare nel giro e come loro finanzino i bar, e non le banche.
    Peró noi siamo Italiani mafiosi!

    Raccomandato da un amico indigeno...