Friday, 27 April 2012

today's special

Today's special

I normally bring my own food for lunch. I got some issues with the food of the canteen. Or maybe it's better saying I got issues with Dutch food. No, wait, even better: the Dutch food got issues with me, and maybe it's not just the food.

However, today's special. The menu says so and I can't agree more with that.
Today's my last day of work.
I'm a ball of nerves at the moment: a little pinch of sadness mixed in the general happiness and excitement and fear for the next days, weeks and months.

Yesterday I've agreed to not bring food from home and to eat what was on offer at the canteen. Anto's wife, Cova, decided to come to my "last supper", as Flavia put it.
It was her first time visiting the office and I fear she's been extremely unlucky. The canteen is normally bad but today it went beyond that!

The "today's special" turned out to be a sandwich with brie and lettuce and I-don-t-want-to-know-what-else.
Being Friday, I decided to settle for fish and chips and ended up having chips only: the salad was soggy and the fish was frozen and uncooked on the inside.
Maybe naming it "last supper" had something to do with it, but this meal has turned out to be quite an unforgettable one, so that I quickly had to snap a photo as a keepsake.

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  1. Tomorrow's Special sarà migliore! Un abbraccio e un in bocca al lupo per tutto!!!