Thursday, 14 June 2012

light on the past

The problem is that when you book a flight what you read is KLM and what you see is the KLM logo.
No, the real problem is that, no matter what you see and what you read, is that you should know better: you should know it's Alitalia.
You should know that the flight is going to be delayed, you should find yourself running through Amsterdam airport thinking what made you chose this torture.
You should know that and you curse yourself for your idiocy but there's really little one can do about it.
Actually, right now, in an hotel room in Cork, after a night at the pub with some colleagues, chatting and laughing, well, airport misfortunes sound almost funny. Almost.

The past shines a different light on its events, so everything looks less rough and more gentle.
I clearly remember the hopeless sensation I got when I had the toothache before leaving for the United States, as if the pain would never ever end.
But if I think about that Saturday, I don't recall precisely all the feelings and sensation that went through my head and my nerves.

And I guess it's for the better: life's tough enough with every day problems, issues, pains that we wouldn't probably able to stand it, if we also added the memory of pains past. But we also have to be somehow aware of that, to enjoy even more the positive moments we might find ourselves into.
It's wiser to think about the bright and positive side of life. Maybe not that health, but otherwise effective, it's to try and mitigate the painful memory with a Guinness in a nice Cork pub...

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