Tuesday, 3 July 2012

knitting at Wimbledon

Apparently, as I was busy enjoying one of the few day of sunshine of Amsterdam and scrubbing my new flat, part of the world was discussing some serious matter: global warming? Economic crisis? the situation in Mali?
No, something way more and more serious: a woman was knitting on Saturday. At Wimbledon. During Andy Murray's game.
Now, if there's anything to discuss about it, it should be why Murray is British as long as he doesn't loose, then he's magically back to be a Scots once he gets kicked out of a tournament.
But no, a lot of people seem bothered by the fact that somebody got tickets to Wimbledon and decides to knit instead of watching the game. Fair enough, but only two points here: the lady was knitting AND watching the game. One action doesn't exclude the other, it's called multitasking. Repeat with me: mul-ti-task-ing, it comes easier if you've got XX genes, but Y people, don't give it up yet!
Secondly, how many people did I see getting expensive tickets for concerts in London and then spending half of the night drinking beer and the remaining half rushing to the loo? If anything, this is a waste, because you can't queue at the Roundhouse toilet and listen to the concert at the same time. It gets even more difficult if you drank so much, and you're completely pissed and sitting next to a pillar during a show at the O2, but somehow this seems more justifiable.

But all these are thought that arrived later on.
When I read the news over the twitter feeds, I was taking a break from the massive cleanup and sorting of my stuff, finally delivered home. The first thing that crossed my mind was: "yep, I really need to get my needles starting a Citron", and immediately after: "Wow, that is a Giselle pink!", named so after Giselle, fellow knitter in London, with a love for pink yarns. Then I had a look at my stuff and thought I might get some tickets for the next Wimbledon, if it helps me to go through my stash...

I'll have to un-stash one day...

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