Friday, 27 July 2012

Knitting, Patxaran and a big fan

Knitting & Patxaran

In a little while, Olympics Games will start in London.
Having been a Londoner for quite a long time, I look at the pictures coming from England and think that, at the end, the city looks really pretty, shiny and clean.
Having had issue at being a Londoner and quite agoraphobic, I look at the photos and think I'm quite lucky having moved out of it: I lived the Olympics in Torino and loved every minute of it, but let's face it, I wouldn't be able to deal with the same kind of event on a larger scale. But I know what it feels to live in the Olympic city, I breathed that same air my friends in London will breath in the next weeks and, yeah, you are lucky if you can have this memory.

I struggle to come to term with modern Olympics, with all the sponsorship madness and hypocrisy, but I still enjoy the competition itself: I love watching the Italian girls fencing, I enjoy the minor sports taking the stage and putting football in the background for a while. No matter what sponsor and committee say and try to impose, the atmosphere that Olympics bring into town (despite them) is a  haven from everyday life, and it's going to turn into the idea that indeed a "truce" from struggles in your life and wars in the world around you is possible at the end.

As I can't and don't want to be there, how to better live the events? Simple! Patxaran before the start; would it qualify as doping, I wonder, I'm not sure, but I'm the kind of girl that looks at the bottle as half full... well, no shit Sherlock, since I'm the girl who emptied the other half of the bottle!

And then, when the opening ceremony starts, I will take part in the massive cast-on for the Ravellenic Games in two events: Nine Dwingling Cable for hat event and the ever so hibernated shadow project in the work in progress event.

So, Patxaran is ready, knitting needles too and fan is at full power because with this heat,  I run the risk of melting before the flame gets into the stadium!

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  1. I agree about London being undesirable as a place to live! I was there in May, and was quite struck by how very NOISY and crowded it has become. I could only breathe deeply once I was on a train headed out of the place. I can see why really old people used to sigh about how wonderful London was before WWII...obviously, I never saw it back then, but now,,,it's exactly the same as any other mega-metropolis.