Monday, 8 October 2012


Saturday I went to the Museum of Cinema to watch the exhibition on "Metropolis", the Fritz Lang's movie, and the restoration of the movie starting from a 16 mm negative found in Argentina.
The exhibition in itself was great: as usual, the Mole provides the perfect setting for an exhibition.

(all we hear is...)

I cut the queue for the panoramic elevator ride and went straight into the museum. I took my time going up and up, watching parts of the movie, looking at photos and sketches.
I tried to remember when I did watch the movie. Must have been a summer, maybe the one between high school and university. I can't remember whether it was on Rai 3 or a VHS.
I remember I didn't quite understand it. And that the morning after I woke up with a huge headache (I'm pretty sure we had limoncello while watching it) and Freddy Mercury singing loud in my head.

By the time I reached the end of the stairs, while making my way for the chaise longue to watch some mute film from the museum archive, I couldn't help but admitting that pop culture is always there.

Or here, depending on your point of view. It's anytime, every time, anyhow.
It may looks nowhere to be found, but that's because we don't normally look for it where it can be found: in the back of everybody's mind. Or just in front of everybody's eyes.

Anyhow, it provided a awesome soundtrack for the afternoon:

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