Sunday, 4 November 2012

gloom and tea

I like to believe it is because of the weather. I've been repeating that to myself for the past few hours.
"Yes, it's because of the rainy and gloomy weather".
Let's be honest: aside the Duomo and some other rare spot, this town is, for lack of more fitting description, plain ugly. Add this to the horrible weather, the medication I've been taking for tonsillitis, and you'll see I was not in my right mind this afternoon.

What happened is that, while sitting on the metro, looking around at the people around me, a blasphemous thought invaded my mind: "I kind of miss the Netherlands".

Ok, before friend like Flavia or Francesco call the ambulance and have me hospitalized into a mental asylum, let's try to be clear: I don't exactly miss the Netherlands, I do miss friends I left there (and those who left  the country like I did) and this afternoon I was missing the mint tea I could get there.

Having mint tea was really nice. In the office it was a must as the coffee there was pretty bad. Outside is what saved me over and over from losing my fingers to frostbites. I love getting into a coffee and order the mint tea: fresh mint leaves, a drop of honey and a pepperkakor on the side.
My favourite place for mint tea was the Openbare Bibliotheek, the central library in Amsterdam. It's a beautiful building: there's a piano in the hall where people can sit and play, there's a lot of space to sit (even though it's not the best place to write because it's quite noisy... Weird for being a library), it is open on Saturday AND Sunday and it's got a café on the top floor: I used to go there, order a mint tea, and look outside of the windows.

I was going to a knitting meet up and I thought I could get some nice tea there, maybe not the same type, but something similar. No such luck and no pepperkakor (and the apple cake was not so good, but never mind), and when I got back home I spent a  bit of time looking at my tea-box, only to realize that mint tea is not a dry leaf tea, it's made with the leaves freshly cut from the plant.

I am thinking of buying a mint plant soon. I'm just a little bit worried by the suicidal cactus in the office, I would be upset if my future mint plant decides to follow the same path to self destruction.

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  1. Dove sei---a Milano? Hai ragione, Milano non e' citta' molto bella come le altre citta' in non essere triste---almeno non sei a' New York o New Jersey oggi!