Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My first Christmas present

While people have started going all festive, Christmas decorations and advertisement have started popping up like mushroom, I made sure to be on the other end of the whole thing, the nice part where you get presents.

Yes! Not even December and I already got my hands on my first Christmas present.
It was a nice package delivered to my place beginning of this week. Oddly enough the Italian postal service didn't "misplace" it as they do sometimes for other parcels. One might wonder why...

I know why! Because it was a Marmite present! Zain saw it in a shop and I bet it didn't take him long to convince his ever-so-conniving-mum Beth to get it and ship it over to Italy.
Now I got a nice 2 teaspoons and 1 spread knife Marmite set, with 3 heart-shaped single shot of Marmite.
I will save the Marmite for better times: maybe for when Zain, Jamil and Beth visit Milan next time, or maybe it's really time to experiment with some Marmite baking, who knows!?

A clash of civilizations

And if you wonder whether I'm barking mad right now, well of course I am, but not cause of Marmite. The spread I love to hate is, in this case, a simple mean to remind me how lucky I got to meet such fantastic people in the UK. 

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  1. YEY!

    Now let the by-product of the brewing industry based revolution take over Italy!

    Marmite in home made leek and potato soup - its nice! Honest!