Thursday, 27 December 2012


My plan for the world conquest and universe dominion haven't done many steps forward recently.
The problem, I think, has something to do with the fact I don't really plan and, those few times I actually do, I suck at the practical part of it, when I am supposed to put the plan into place.

As an example, let's have a look at my plan: "Christmas shopping complete by December 20th". It failed. Miserabily. Again.
Maybe I should specify which year December 20th refers to; anyway, on Christmas Eve I was browsing through the aisles of a toys supermarket, looking for a present for Ilaria, my youngest niece.

I wanted to get her a piano keyboard. Last time I went for a coffee at my sys', Sara played me some songs on her piano then sat Ilaria on her lap and they started improvising something that could be defined as "post-atomic-deconstructivist jazz".
I gathered my sister would be fine with the present as long as it got a on/off button.

So there I was browsing and mumbling, mumbling and browsing, wondering when soft toys did turn so ugly when I finally got to the music instrument section and saw this.

Ok, I get it: pink for girls, blue for boys, god forbid anybody should prefer green or red.
Yeah, I know: my niece is a blonde, god forbid that aside that lovely smile and eyes she's got she might develop a critical thinking mindset, let's dumb her down from the beginning so let's have her play with a pink keyboard for a while, as long as she doesn't get distracted from the nearby washing machine & ironing set, in (needless to say) matching pink colour.
But really: iGirl? For effin' sake, what does iGirl mean??? And where is the iBoy keyboard to match!?!

For a split second, I was seriously tempted to take one of the keyboard from the stack, find the closest shop assistant and subject him/her to a severe interrogation on the meaning of naming a game iGirl.
Only the fact I wanted to get out of the shop and away from the shopping dash madness made me change my mind. Yet, I kept thinking about that seemingly innocent toy that is nothing but a small piece in the machinery that makes the notion of gender-based toys acceptable, so to remember to all of us, since the first steps, that our roles are fixed and perpetuated by old chauvinistic traditions.

I bought another kind of piano keyboard, boring white and with on/off button, hoping that Ilaria can get away from this kind of gender traps for as long as she possibly can. I hope that with a brother putting a ballerina dress on Spiderman and a sister playing with dragons, she's got some good chances at that.

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