Sunday, 27 January 2013

break in

I met with my friend Paola this afternoon: spent some time chatting about life, Italy, work, how everything is, or at least seems, tougher now in Italy in January.

On the way back home I got a phone call from mum: she and dad were on the way back home too, after collecting the grandchildren at my sis'.
I was a bit puzzled by that: were we supposed to have a family dinner and I forgot about that? Nope, my brother-in-law got back from a day out with the kids to find out that somebody tried to break in the flat.

beware of bike thieves

The thieves broke into the flat of the neighbours: they stole the children underwear, pasta and fizzy drinks. Then they tried to break into my sis flat and if they insisted one minute more they would have opened the door for sure. My brother in law was dealing with the police and the blacksmith to fix the door. My sis was still at work, so my parents quickly turned into grandparents to the rescue and went to pick the 3 little ones.

So, once at home, I was met with the chaos only 3 kids can create. Moreover the 2 older ones were over-hyped by the events of the afternoon.
An attempted robbery is perceived in a different way if you're an adult or a child.
To me it's kind of worrying and sad to think about it. It tells a lot about the state of Italy thinking about Lupin breaking into a flat, leaving money and gold behind and taking away food instead.

For the kids, the problem was completely different.
Davide was really afraid about what could have happened: "What if they stole my dinosaurs?!?! What if they took all my Spider-Man away? Why would they do something so bad? I hope my snakes are alright... I bet they're scared!"

Sara on the other hand couldn't get any peace: "I still have my homework to do. What will happen if I don't do my homework?!?! I don't care about the broken door... get me back home! I got homework to do! Or I can wake up tomorrow morning at six and do them then!"

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