Saturday, 16 February 2013

love over scotland

There is a place I've never been in Edinburgh and where I don't plan to ever pass by.
No. 44 of Scotland Street.
Its residents and friends are the characters of a series of novel by Alexander McCall-Smith. I really like the novel and enjoy them tremendously: I like the way each single character is depicted and the poetic small pearl of wisdom that McCall-Smith enjoys scattering around the pages.
My idea of 44 Scotland Street is so much my own by now, that I can't bear the idea of confronting it with reality, with a real building made with bricks.
I'm pretty sure it wouldn't really disappoint me, but I'd rather keep it as it is, a building that comes to life only because of my reading the pages where it's described.

So last weekend I steered clear of the place. Not an hard task, to be honest. Time flies when you're having fun, you're in good company or you're in a place you love: checked, checked and checked.
When the plane left Edinburgh, it felt I had arrived only 2-3 hours earlier, rather than 3 days before.

What happened in the meanwhile? Well, Italy took a sever beating by Scotland and France took a oh-la-la-I-am-so-so-so-sorry beating from Wales; in the meanwhile we basically drank only Crabbie's.
Kidding!  There was also beer sometimes:


Not to mention grappa and other type of ginger beers, but I wouldn't want to give the impression it was only about alcohol...

It was a much needed break, where for once I was not the only one doing the traveling. It was good to be back in Scotland, listening to the accent of people, relaxing and not thinking too much about life back home.
It's been a lovely, somehow too short weekend. We had snow on Sunday, which means that fog is the only weather condition I haven't seen in Edinburgh and its castle. each time I always end up back on the Castle, not really visiting it, just strolling around, watching over the terrace to see the sea or, like this time the hills on it's back, with a bit of snow scattered around.

in Edinburgh, on Sunday

We had good coffee and cookies; we had hysterical laughters at dinner and jokes at breakfast; we had poetry and discussion over plumbing systems.

I left with a pinch of melancholy and nostalgia, some photos and yarns, good memory, old friends and new one. Not too bad for a 3 days break.

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