Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hipster Milan

One of the things I learnt from Mo while in San Francisco is what hipster means.
I told him that I kept hearing the word and each time I had to go back to urban slang online to check the meaning of it.
We had just parked the car next to Alamo Square and he told me to have a look at the park, at the people sitting there. So I did. And Mo told me: "There. Here's what hipsters are"
"Who hipsters are, you mean"
"Nah, more a what than a who"
And that was it, cause we were all desperate for coffee and we left in search of a cafè.

I could see his point however, and I also could see the people sitting in the park: so now I know what hipster means without checking a dictionary online.

The best chance I got so far to expand my knowledge on the subject came with the Fuorisalone, i.e. the Milan Design Week, a series of events and exhibitions about design held in different areas of Milan.

I start noticing them around Wednesday: I live nearby one of the areas of the Fuorisalone, Ventura Lambrate, and, on the way to work, I was amazed about the amazingly high density of Buddy Holly glasses, skinny jeans just above the ankle mismatched to the rest of the outfit. The amount of hats, or better hats of the same type, was impressive, so much that I thought all the hipsters of Milan got together and bought a huge container of them straight from China.

This afternoon I met with Vivi and we went all around the area of Ventura Lambrate. There were some interesting designer exhibiting. The object that stuck most in my mind was "Bobbin", a stool by a Swedish designer Martin Björnson, looking just a thread spool.
There were other "things" I didn't properly understand, but altogether I enjoyed most of what I saw:

And, of course, there were hipsters, lots of hipster: not only Italians, but from all over Europe: so many, all dressed the same, the girls all with an Holga around their necks, the boy all with the same unkempt beard, that more than once I felt I ended up in one of those cheap sci-fi novel about a future of clones. And I have no prejudice about clones, I just resent their poor fashion sense a little bit...

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