Saturday, 20 April 2013

(s)Watch out!


This is my Swatch ball. It used to be a chocolate box, well a ball wrapped like a candy, that Patrick brought over to the team meeting in Warsaw last year. When i saw it two thoughts immediately crossed my mind: the first one was damn, that's milk chocolate. Second thought: but the box is cool.
And so I brought it back home to Italy and started filling it with swatches.
Amongst the many things I say as a knitter, there's "I always swatch". And it's true. I actually love the swatching.
I didn't like it that much at the beginning, it was something very close to a chore.. But then things changed and I learnt to love knitting swatches for my projects: most of the time I knit two swatches for the same project. I knit the first one and, by the time I get to start the project, I've forgotten about it and so I knit a second one.

Knitting is relaxing, it helps me focus and unwind. Sometimes I'm too tired in the evening to take up one of my projects. And that's when a tension swatch comes in handy: a small square that doesn't require too much time nor effort, yet can make me feel I did accomplish something.
Sometimes, when the day's been too long and I feel a bit down, there's nothing better than a small square to think about the next project and to stuff later on in my Swatch ball. 
It works better then medication and drugs and, most of the times, it's less expensive as well, but this depends on the type of yarn I'm knitting with.

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