Monday, 30 September 2013

Caffeine apple

This morning I looked like a zombie.
My mood was as cheerful as the one of somebody who's just risen from the dead and found out her body has been rotting away.

My backpack resembled the one of a sherpa, if not in shape, in weight for sure.
I was feeling sick because of this ear infection I got yesterday and the lack of sleep.
To top it all, it also started raining.
I got to the train station with enough time to get my second shot of caffeine for the day. 
The guy at the bar served me this macchiato:

Apple in my coffee

An Apple? 
For me? Seriously?

It made me smile. 
I still looked like a zombie. 
With the passing of the hours, tonight I also feel like one. Yet I smiled once today. I'll thank the barman next time I'm at the train station.

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