Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tetris effect and other obsessions

It all started yesterday, after dinner.
Washing-up done, kitchen clean, mmmh should I iron perhaps?
I sat at my desk to check whether I had mail and an odd thought brushed my mind.
Out of the blue, a small voice asked me: "How about playing a game of Tetris?"

Now, anybody who ever played Tetris knows it better. There is no possible way to play a game of Tetris.
A friend of mine used to say that the sentence "how about having a beer?" is incorrect as there is no way you're going to have a single beer.
The correct sentence should read "how about having some beers?"
There! Plural form is not only correct and honest, but also do sound better.

Same goes for Tetris: you don't play a game, you play some games, normally to the point your fingers fall off your hands and the shoulders crack.

When I finally stooped playing, the clock hands were telling me "What the hell are you doing still up??!? Don't you know what time it is? Well, it's past one in the morning and it's a good thing not too many people work in your office or you'd scare them all to death with your zombie appearance tomorrow!"

So, after playing Tetris for a "little bit" more than 4 hours (let's not overkill this post with some pointless and too specific details), I took the eyes off the tetraminos but the tetraminos wouldn't take their eyes off me.

The Tetris effect hit me pretty hard and I started to see colored bricks about everywhere.
I went to sleep with the image of them falling down, I dreamt about them.
This morning I hallucinated them piling up to form my breakfast, I observed them forming the metro line route on the coach panel, I saw them on the pavement leading me to the office.
They're everywhere.

I still see them now as I type, finding their way to stack in between the keys of my keyboard and I need to refrain myself from trying to command their direction with the arrow keys.
I can either go back to play or try to finish part 2 of the mystery shawl I'm knitting.
What's wiser?
Succumb to an obsession or knock it out by substituting it with another obsession?!? 

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