Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The September Special Event

I normally don't blog about work that much. Work in this blog is normally put into a corner (vacated by Baby on purpose), a quick note about how busy and stressed it keeps me.
Or maybe it's about people I met at work and later become my friends. Or some funny story that happened in the office.

Most of the time it's the reason why I travel and then post about the place I visited.

That's about it. Work takes over so many hours of my life, why granting it space on the blog as well?
With the years, I acquired this skills that allows me to automatically divide the 2 things pretty well: work on one side, blog on the other.
Gaining the same level of separation between work and private life so far has reached less than striking and positive results but still, I improved quite a lot though!

So that's why when some people today mailed me today, asking me about the Special Event in Cupertino, I was about to send a reply: "What, I didn't know you knit! Yeah! New Brooklyn Tweed collection of pattern comes out today, so excited about it! Do you think it's out already?"
Then I realized that the person teasing me about the special event was an Italian straight man and, given the extremely progressive state of Italian society, you can simply imagine its reaction at me linking him to a "feminine craft", god forbid! So I just acted dumb -it comes quite natural to me- and avoided answering his question.

I waited a little bit and finally the time arrived. BT 13 is out! I couldn't share my joy with my geeky friend above, but I'm sure there are other people that understands it anyhow.
My never-ending Ravelry queue is going to expand pretty soon as some of the pattern there are truly amazing, like this one, that I'll probably knit as a big scarf rather than a wrap.

© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood 
But now, sorry, it's almost 19:00, 10 o'clock Cupertino time and it's time to pay attention to another event...

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