Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Back on the chain gang

In the wretched life of a lonely heart
Now we're back on the train
oh, back on the chain gang..."

Q: Can a person survive a whole work day in a lonely, gray, sad office listening to just one single song over and over, while retaining at the same time her own sanity?
A: Depends on the song, oh oh oh oh...

Nothing really triggered the 80's nostalgia spree, but recently I've found myself more and more unable to listen to the "new" and going back to the past.

I haven't browsed the newly released section in the music stores in ages and anyway I bought only vinyls in the past 2 years.
Some time ago I started worrying: am I really growing (so) old?
It made me felt bad and sad at the same time in a way, especially when I realized I got no radio at home: the one I had broke during the moving from Haarlem and I never replaced.

How did it happen? I was a radio girl! I listened to it non stop: during breakfast, going to school, at work, studying, jogging, having dinner in Surbiton... radio has always been there and now I just stopped listening to it: I can't bear it, I can't bear the noise coming out of it.

The worse is going to the gym and forgetting my old faithful iPod shuffle home: this means being subjected not only to the pain of exercising without any visible results, but also to one good hour of trash music. It makes the whole experience even more agonizing.

So maybe I am really growing wiser and to avoid any further pain to my ears (other than the one caused by the ear infection of last week) I need to resort to some music I know I can trust.

And that's why this morning I was smiling quite happily on the way to work, singing along with the Pretenders. 

Looked from the outside, people could have assumed I was high on drugs.
It was cold and miserable, I was walking in a post-industrial depressed suburb and, not only I was smiling, I could also be seen skipping to the rhythm of the music playing through my headset... especially on the oh-ah! part of the chorus!

If only i knew what a shitty miserable day was in front of me, I would have hit the repeat button... which I did about 20 minutes later, but more on this topic another day.

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