Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Picot yoga

Take a standard "bad day", one of those days when by nine o'clock in the morning you've already reached the painful conclusion that you should have stayed in bed and don't bother with the world outside.
Imagine getting up quite late for your standard working week schedule. You are taking some medicines that induce sleepiness and drowsiness so, even though you slept some good 8 hours, you've not woken up rested at all.

On the way to work you feel you can make it through, the power of music is telling you so. Music is obviously lying as things just crumble all over at work.

Everything that could go bad goes even worse and, when you leave the office some 10 hours later, the MacBook in your backpack is basically a heavy paperweight.

You return home just to discover that 2 floors above you there is a "Hoarding - buried alive" flat: this at least explains why a colony of cockroaches are playing the macarena at the entrance of your building.

What to do?!?
Wishing you kept on sleeping in the morning is not doing any good, and given you got still some days to go before the weekend it's not very wise to drink yourself into stupor.

So maybe some yoga and relaxation could help.
That's what happened to me yesterday and that's what I did. Kind of.

For the past 4 weeks I was quite busy with a mystery KAL (as in knit-along): you basically buy a pattern but instead of getting it in one go, you receive it in weekly parts, as if it were a XIX century French feuilleton.
The westknits KAL occupied a lot of my spare time in the past month and the result was a gorgeous shawl, if I can say so myself (and being my blog and my shawl I'll bloody will do so!). The result included also hundreds over hundreds of stitches in need of a bind off. How many? I decided to live in denial and just erase that number from my consciousness.

The pattern left me with 3 different possible BOs (as in bind-off) and I went for the picot one.
The picot bind off requires you to cast on a certain number of stitches and subsequently bind off the double of the casted on stitches.
Before knitting this shawl, I had promised myself I was never ever going to use the picot bind off for anything, not even a potholder.

But it really fits the shawl, so I resigned myself to this pantagruelic task: completely tired and generally upset towards everything, I decided to bind off stitches by casting on other stitches. 

And so it started: cast on, cast off.
Cast on... Ommm
Cast off... Ommm

And again!
Cast on... Breath in.
Cast off... And breath out.

Time slipped by, the tension in my shoulders started dissolving.

And one more time... 
Cast on, 1-2-3!
and 6-5-4, bind off, 3-2-1! 

I start feeling more relaxed, less pained and troubled. The borders of my shawl started taking shape too.

Picot edge

Knitting is the new yoga or so I've been told: sometimes I doubt it, judging by the amount of either manic or downright aggressive knitters I sometimes stumble over the net.
But no matter what I think that the picot school of yoga did me quite good yesterday evening, that's why I'm about to start another meditation session.
And also cause it's not phyically possible to bind off so many stitches in the span of one single evening... ommmmmm!

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