Sunday, 24 November 2013

Every little (step) helps

It all started back in Madrid, during the meeting of my team: we're all quite geek at different level, so no wonder than sooner than you could imagine, we started "comparing apps".
Have you tried app A? Did you play with B? Man, you should really try app C,

Then d_c innocently showed us his walking stats: he had been using a step counter apps that makes use of the M7 motion coprocessor of our phones.
The step counter is up to date and the number turns from red to green once you hit your daily goal.
Somebody laughed, somebody raised the eyes to the sky,  but we all did download it.
This is quite weird: given the daily average food intake during our team meeting (let alone the beers and wine at dinner), we're barely able to roll using our stomaches, let alone walking.

One hour and few steps later, we were all hooked and started counting and comparing our steps as if there was no tomorrow.

The whole walking thing has apparently spiraled out of control. It's spread all across our team, in all continents and when I arrived in Barcelona, quite jet-lagged for the travel back from Sydney, I felt like I landed into a step-counting parallel universe, where we all walk, compare and try to beat each other, even if this means walking like an idiot up and down the office hallway.

And now that we found an app connected to Game Center, I think there's no turning back.
Unless, well, the stepping backs count for reaching the daily goal.
Moreover, because of the need of tracking every single step, there's no chance I'm going to spend every morning rummaging through my flat looking for my phone, as it'll surely be in my pocket!

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