Wednesday, 4 December 2013

cuteness and breakfasts

At 5 in the afternoon Milan is pitch dark.
It's cold outside. In the morning, I have to pay extra attention stepping out of the metro station as the curb is inevitably frozen.

It feels weird, partially because I can't shake off the ghost of the holiday. Not the ghost of holiday future, but the ghost of holiday past.
This year I had to wait quite a long time before my vacation started, but it was worthy.
Less than a month ago, this time I was still in Australia, now I'm in Milan. The contrast is sharp, the match almost non existent.
Sydney vs Milan.
Rats & cockroaches vs. koalas & parrots.

I feel like I'm not really awake, maybe this is all a dream and I'll soon wake up in my hotel room in Sydney, ready for another day of wondering and wandering around.
I look at the pictures I shot and wonder if I'll ever manage to sort them out. I wonder when I'll snap out of this weird state of stupor I'm currently in.
As I don't like to spend too much time on questions I can't answer, I can share with you one or two things I'm pretty sure about.

Koalas are not cute.
Koalas are über-cute. You browse a dictionary and the word "cute" got a koala picture associated to it.
I got about 70+ photos of koalas sleeping on trees and they all look basically the same: there's a koala, it's on a tree and it's sleeping, just like this one:

daily dose of cutiness

I haven't managed to delete a single one of those picture, except those blatantly out of focus, because each time I see one I go: "awww, it's soooo cuuute!"
That's how koala managed to survive thousands of years, I think:  predator tries to hunt koala down; predators sees koala, predators goes "awww, it's soooo cuuute!", koala runs away. Mmmh maybe "slowly walks away" is a more likely option.

Another sure thing is that food is amazing in Australia: the different type of food we had in 2 weeks is something that is basically impossible to get in Italy.
And yeah, I know that Italian food is great etc. etc., but it's not the only kind of cuisine I like and it's amazing for me to be able to be presented with a choice.
Vietnamese, Malay, Korean, Japanese, African, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese... such a variety of flavors and cultures has been one of the best part of this travel.
And honestly, nothing beats a flat white and banana bread to start off a day: my new ideal breakfast!

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