Wednesday, 22 January 2014

a sickly feeling

I already had a sneaky suspicion when I lived in Haarlem.
Now I'm 99.9% sure. It really looks like I'm allergic to the Netherlands
Monday I'm in Milan and everything is ok. I wake up, hit the gym, the gym hits me back, go to work, etc.
Tuesday I wake up, get on a taxi then get on a plane and arrive in Amsterdam. In the evening I start to feel a bit tired, unrested.
This morning the alarm starts ringing and I got a bit of sore throat.
By lunchtime the sore throat is at full force while I walk from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to find somebody that can sell me something a bit stronger then a Fisherman's Friend to cure the sore throat.
"You don't look so sick to need a medicine", the first pharmacist tells me.

I want to burst and scream: how is it possible that in the country where you can buy magic mushroom and dunk a spice cake in your cappuccino, I need to endure all this bullshit for some sore throat medicine?

But I don't scream, because it's pointless and because by then I got no voice left.
And now, end of day two in Amsterdam, I fear I'm also developing a flu.
I'm afraid of what else could happen tomorrow to make this the perfect business trip to hell and back.

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