Sunday, 26 January 2014

a very public private display

Aside developing one hell of a tonsillitis (soon turned mega-gigantic cold plus ear-in-the-water feeling thanks to Alitalia bad pressure and air-con systems) and working a lot, the latest trip to Amsterdam had some extra little thing happening.

For example, I made a complete fool of myself. Again. While this is not a surprising piece of news, what adds to this incident is that it could have ended with me behind bars. If that had really happened and we were to live in a fair society, the other part of the whole episode should have ended up stripped of his legal rights on the base of solid stupidity.
But nothing so serious happened, we don’t live in a fair society and on the whole what happened is not so surprising, given it happened in Amsterdam anyway.

I just had lunch and was walking back to the hotel: cold crisp air, a bit of wind but the sun was shining. I was not paying that much attention at my surrounding, thinking more at the task ahead of me in the afternoon, how to split the work for the day after, etc.
And then I saw it:

Caterinette a manetta

A whole array of knitting spools! How cool are they!?! The penguin one is my favorite.
“It must be a new craft shop!”, I think and before even realizing what I’m doing I’m heading to the entrance.

In the moment the door lock clicked and I took a small glimpse, I remembered that having things on display on a window in the Netherlands doesn’t automatically means that it’s a shop.
Yep, I mistook a private house for a shop and made a complete ass of myself. By the time I got back to the hotel, I could still feel my face beetroot red and burning.

It was quite tough going back to work, because my mind kept going back to the lunch break: how could I have been so dumb?!?

At least, I can say this trip provided me with something quite unforgettable; well aside the usual casual visit to Penelope Craft and the even more usual postcard pic of the canals!

Old Amsterdam

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