Wednesday, 1 January 2014

bad resolutions, good list

It turns out my survival skills are not so bad: not only I made it through Christmas, but I also oh-so-effortlessly got over New Year's eve uninjured.
How cool is that?
A lot, and now that the worse is over on the celebration and party side, I'm left with a new year and some doubt of what to do with it, aside living it and leaving it behind once it's over.

In the meanwhile I got 365 days to figure it out. As usual, the new year brings a lot of things with it: work, travels, holidays, dentist appointments and taxes to pay and before everything good resolutions.

Oh yeah, good resolutions that are going to crash and burn once they impact with real life at the end of the Christmas break.
Since I think I've been doing quite well during this Xmas season, I want to keep up the pace. That's why I've written down a list of good resolutions that I'm planning to break in the next few weeks.

So, here's the list of my bad good resolutions:
1. I will not stash yarn unless I have a project ready to cast on.
2. I will not start too many project at once.
3. I will buy only ebooks, so I won't have problems trying to cram the books into that poor excuse of book shelves I got.
4. I will not go to bed too late.
5. I will be healthy and take good care of myself.
6. I won't be grumpy.

I've already started working hard at failing on most of the list and hopefully will be done with it before the month is over.

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